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The Euroscepticism for Europe - Town twinning - Castel San Giorgio form June 1 to June 3 2019

Euroscepticism for Europe" project was funded by the European Union under the ˇ"Europe for Citizens" Programme

Partecipation: Fifty-six citizens from Smartno Pri Litji (SLOVENIA) were hosted in Castel San Giorgio (ITALY) for three days to talk about the European Union.
Venue/Date: the meeting took place in Castel San Giorgio (ITALY) from  June 1 to June 3, 2019
Short description:
The project, through its activities, has stimulated the European awareness of the citizens of the twinned cities, favoring the sense of the European dimension, through the meeting of two historically different communities, in a recent past, even in conflict.
One hundred and sixteen participants, of which fifty-six citizens from Smartno Pri Litji (SLOVENIA) have gathered in Castel San Giorgio to talk about the European Union and its future.
The activities of the event began on Saturday 1 June.
The welcome from the majorettes, the greeting of the representatives of the two Municipalities and of the rural development company of Laz (official partner of the project) preceded the presentation of the project and the activities of the three days. Then, there was the presentation of the Europe for Citizens Program, its objectives and priorities, and the "Town Twinning" sub-measure, thanks to which this meeting took place.
A dinner with tasting of the typical local products of the Festivals of Castel San Giorgio, preceded by an aperitif at the historic Calvanese palace, favored socialization and the meeting between the two communities. The comparison resulting from social interaction between the two groups highlighted the similarities and differences; showed the potential of active cooperation and the need for an increasingly vigorous European identity. The growth through the comparison between different cultural identities united by a unifying bond: the European Union. The evening ended with songs and dances of the two traditions.
June 2 was an intense day of activity, with the Celebration, shared with the Slovenes, of the Italian Republic Day, the official Twinning ceremony between the two Cities and the debate on Euroscepticism in Europe. The key words of the "Euroscepticism for Europe" project were identification and enhancement. The flag of the European Union, waved between the Slovenian and the Italian, has enhanced the ideals of harmony and solidarity among the European peoples; the European anthem, performed before the hymn of the two States by the Classical Band Concert of the City of Castel San Giorgio, has enhanced the ideals of freedom, peace and solidarity pursued by EU, celebrating Unity in diversity. Finally, the debate held by Prof. Carmine Pinto on Euroscepticism has shown that the EU listens to the critical thinking of its citizens to define its political choices. To reinforce this concept, we presented the web platforms through which it is possible to actively participate in the political life of the Union. But first we had to make some premises: to retrace and rediscover the prodigious results achieved by Europe in seventy years of Union. This highlights the need to prevent the advance of nationalism and populism in the Member States. They propagate under the pretext of having to protect people from the EU. However, one day they will find themselves fighting each other. Therefore, the need arises to actively participate in building an ever more united and democratic Europe, Europe for Citizens. The participants presented some considerations and asked the experts some questions. Before closing the proceedings, citizens of the two communities presented a video with a slide presentation of their cities.
June 3 was dedicated to planning new initiatives at European level between the two communities. Citizens and institutional representatives have strengthened the idea of ​​intensifying collaboration, concluding that this project is only the starting point for a path of cooperation also open to new European partners.